Strategic Partnerships (Private Beta)


Basis State’s Acquisition Marketing service is designed for companies that need an exit in the short term. While running this service, we have encountered many startups do not need an imminent exit, but would like to use our methods and contacts to find strategic relationships that might result in an exit eventually.

Pilot Objective

Basis State is selecting 4 pilot clients for our Strategic Partnerships service. As a benefit of being part of the pilot, clients are offered a single flat fee of $2,000/mo. with no outcome fee or minimum duration.

Strategic Partnership Service Explained

The Strategic Partnership service is built from much of the same tech, contacts and methodologies as our acquisition service, with a few differences. The objective of the service is to bring in key strategic partnerships across different use cases for a client’s technology. By ‘key’ we mean, deep integrations with potential for acquisition interest in the future. Given the objective, we are planning a rolling service to make sure we are giving time for negotiations within each potential segment.

During the first month we create the segmented strategy as well as a means of calculating your value to different types of partners. This includes:

  • Development of a comprehensive strategy for partnerships, including cases for internal use, market expansion and product extension
  • Identification of distinct segments (estimated 3-6) and their associated use cases
  • Value calculation of partner upside of various use cases, for use in negotiation
  • Overall company/product messaging and landing page for outreach

During subsequent months, we will perform outreach to the segments, allowing one month of outreach per segment. This includes:

  • Creating segment-specific messaging
  • Identification of partners within a segment
  • Identification of key contacts at each potential partner
  • Outreach to potential partners, and ultimately, warm introductions to interested parties
  • Real-time monitoring of partner engagement with emails, landing page and Basis State personnel through our client dashboard


Interested parties should contact The pilot program is expected to run in Summer 2022.