We find the strategic partners
that elevate your startup.

  • Positioning

    ✓ Development of a comprehensive strategy for partnerships, including cases for internal use, market expansion and product extension
    ✓ Identification of distinct segments (estimated 3-6) and their associated use cases
    ✓ Value calculation of partner upside of various use cases, for use in negotiation
    ✓ Overall company/product messaging and landing page for outreach

  • Outreach

    ✓ Creating segment-specific messaging
    ✓ Identification of partners within a segment
    ✓ Identification of key contacts at each potential partner
    ✓ Outreach to potential partners, and ultimately, warm introductions to interested parties
    ✓ Real-time monitoring of partner engagement with emails, landing page and Basis State personnel through our client dashboard

Let us kickstart corporate development while you focus on your repeatable model.

Strategic partnerships bring additional revenue and credibility to your startup, while paving the way for potential acquisitions.

Basis State takes care of working strategic partnerships while you focus on your core model.

A quantitative approach to identifying the best partners.

Our database of 50,000+ potential strategic partners is scored based on the value you have to offer, according to the type of partnership that would interest them.

This quantitative approach sets us to for targeted outreach, prioritizing the most valuable partnerships.

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