A 100-day fastrack
towards an acquisition.

  • Positioning

    ✓ Thesis on Who Will Buy and Why
    ✓ Valuation Scenarios

  • Outreach

    ✓ Overview Collateral
    ✓ Asset Landing Page
    ✓ Lead List Generation and Outreach
    ✓ Initial Acquirer Qualification

  • Qualify

    ✓ Acquirer Follow-up
    ✓ Acquirer Qualification
    ✓ Preliminary Data Room
    ✓ Demonstration Preparation

  • Push to LOI

    ✓ System Demonstrations
    ✓ Facilitate Data Gathering & Negotiation
    ✓ LOI Review
    ✓ Outreach Report

The personalization of a service,
the transparency of a product.

While our platform is designed to surface everything we are learning in taking your company to market, our process is guided by experienced professionals tailor your positioning.

This hybrid approach brings the best of both worlds — transparency and efficacy.

Driven by deep data on acquirers
and how they gauge value.

Financial statements only tell part of the story. Underneath, there is technology that has not met its scalable market. That is where the real value resides. We use a combination of 5 different models to determine how an acquirer would value your business and what factors drive the highest valuation.

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