Basis State has hit capacity and is not taking new clients during January & February 2023

We are restructuring so this doesn’t happen again.
In the meantime, we are offering access to wait lists for our full service and a new self-service option.

Wait Lists for March 2023

Self-Serve Platform

$299/mo. for as long as you need it

Inorganic uses the same underlying principals to identify use cases for your technology, place a value on it, and identify enterprises for acquisitions or tech partnership.

If you are willing to put in some work to feed the platform data on your company, this could be your best option.

Launching March 2023 with potential for beta users prior.

Full Service

Retainer + success fee

Basis State’s normal full service needs some tuning before we can get it back on track to help more startups.

Get on the wait list for when we open things back up in March 2023.