On average, our process delivers over 7 interested acquirers.


Potential Acquirers in Our Network

3 - 6

Segments Targeted


Potential Acquirers Contacted


Interested Acquirers Engaged

A concrete set of deliverables and complete transparency.

We’re a service, but also a product. Our deliverables, shared through our interactive Client Area, ensure best practices and full transparency.

Outreach Reporting

Our list of prospects and how they are responding.

Collateral & Landing Page

A custom landing page for interested parties, and a follow-up slide deck with more details.

Positioning Framework

Our construct for defining the what, why, and who of your acquisition. Guides the positioning and segmentation for our outreach.

Dynamic Valuation

We go way beyond revenue multiples and create an economic model from the buyer’s perspective. The model is designed to flex with the individual buyer as you learn more during negotiation.


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