Targeted origination in 60 days.

  • Develop Framework

    ✓ Acquisition target framework
    ✓ ROI scenarios
    ✓ Lead list generation and ROI scoring

  • Outreach

    ✓ Outreach messaging and qualifying questions
    ✓ Acquirer landing page
    ✓ Target qualification and ROI calculation
    ✓ Outreach report

Designed to bring the targets that are uniquely suited to your use case.

We have designed our service to be targeted and time efficient. Engagements work in two sequential phases; one to develop the criteria for the search and the ROI model, and the next to contact and qualify potential targets.

Optimize ROI with our capabilities-first focus.

While financial performance is a factor in our valuation, our focus is on the value delivered by the asset for your individual use case.

Using available data, we are able to estimate what the target would likely require for a fair price. Putting these two factors together, we find the targets with the highest acquisition ROI.

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