Acquisition versus Partnership —
these are the differences.



Recommended if

You have an imminent need to exit

You have more than a year of runway and want to lay groundwork for an exit

Our End Goal

An agreement (LOI) to be acquired at favorable terms

Several key partnership discussions


Strategic Framework🗸🗸
Value Analysis🗸🗸
Top Prospects🗸🗸
Duration3 weeks3 weeks


Segmented Messaging🗸🗸
Dynamic Landing Page🗸🗸
Complete Prospect List🗸🗸
Outreach, Follow-up🗸🗸
Client Dashboard🗸🗸
Preliminary Data Room🗸
Qualification Calls🗸
Demo Preparation🗸
Duration4 months max.3 months max.
Fee$1,499/month +
Outcome Fee

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