Basis State August 2019 Updates

Here are a few recent recent developments at Basis State:


We recently onboarded two companies.

1. Adtech SaaS reporting tool for web publishers and intermediaries (SSPs). It harmonizes reporting between 17 of the major ad exchanges to give a consolidated view of daily ad revenue. The tool could be an interesting strategic asset to ad platforms that make decisions on revenue.

2. Edtech SaaS tool for creating and managing IEPs (Individualized Education Plans) for special education. It is sold mainly to public school districts. It could be an interesting expansion product for other SaaS tools that are sold into schools, or a complement to special education service providers.

Both companies are very early in terms of market traction. Basis State will be focusing on running operations to positive cash flow and making product changes that increase strategic value, while beginning the search for a strategic acquisition.


We will continue to search for interesting companies through the rest of 2019. If anyone comes to mind please let me know. Desirable features: SaaS, enough revenue to fund a lean operation (>$100K ARR), not heavily propped-up by services.


Great opportunity for an Intern to run with some pieces of our M&A process, such as thesis development, prospect list creation, outreach, and dealbook & data room management. The experience will provide lots of good talking points for those fall interviews in venture, investment banking or private equity. Approximately 10 hrs/week, hours & location flexible. 2nd year MBA student preferred but not required.