Basis State assumes full operations to get SaaS companies to financial independence,
thenĀ finds strategic relationships to leverage their underlying tech.



We build on the value of your tech investment

Sub-scale ventures

Ventures that don’t see rapid revenue growth often don’t meet VC funding criteria. We restructure these ventures to sustain themselves while seeking liquidity through acquisition or profit distributions.

Shelved product lines

Big companies need big revenue to justify a product line. We take products that have fallen short and create standalone businesses from them. Owners get to participate in liquidity without participating in management.

Under-resourced IP

Sometimes good IP lacks a sufficient business purpose. Maybe the commercial prospects seem too small to be interesting. We create and manage niche businesses around interesting IP and enable you to earn from these idle assets.

Less than 1% of SaaS ventures get to scale. We find value in the other 99%
Our approach includes

Bridge Financing

We fund the losses that can occur while an asset is transitioning to a self-sustaining venture.

Full Operations

We assume full operational management, including development, sales, marketing, accounting and general administrative.

Outcome Engineering

Whether the vehicle is acquisition or profit distribution, our goal is to restructure in a way that gets founders & investors to a good financial outcome.

we are resourced for the full journey

cross-functional team

We manage a distributed team of development, admin and support personnel spanning numerous markets, languages and time zones.

proven operators

Our principals have decades of experience running startups and getting them to liquidity.

paths to m&a

We have M&A experts and a dedicated team of Advisors with strategic contacts in key verticals such as adtech, martech, data/AI and e-commerce.

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